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Can you name the movie that each famous movie character was in given their name without any of the vowels?

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Name Without VowelsMovieYear
L Blm2014
Jn Mcgff2007
Drthy Gl1939
Stnly pkss1994
ntn Chgrh2007
Srh Cnnr1984
Dnl Plnvw2007
Clrc Strlng1991
Rhtt Btlr1939
Tny Mntn1983
Wltr Sbchk1998
lln Rply1979
mstrdm Vlln2002
Tny Swffrd2005
Clvn Cnd2012
Name Without VowelsMovieYear
Rck Dckrd1982
mmtt Brwn1985
Wlt Kwlsk2008
Hnry Gndrff1973
dny Dfrsn1994
Wllm Wllc1995
thn Hnt1996
rn dlr2009
Mlclm Crw1999
Bshr Trr2001
Jls Wnnfld1994
Kysr Sz1995
Hbn Wshbrn2005
Frnk bgnl2002
n Mlclm1993

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