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David Tennant played the Eleventh Doctor 52 times (the most on the new series of Dr Who). However ,nineteen other actors and actresses had 52 or more appearances on the classic series. Can you name them?

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Susan Foreman (52 episodes)
Tegan Jovanka (65 episodes)
Fifth Doctor (70 appearances)
First Doctor (143 appearances)
Jamie McCrimmon (117 appearances)
Cpl, Sgt and RSM Benton (74 appearances)
Ian Chesterton (77 episodes)
Dalek Operator (53 episodes)
Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart (109 appearances)
Jo Grant (78 episodes)
Character InfoAnswer
Third Doctor (132 appearances)
Ninety appearances including as a Silurian and a Sea Devil
K-9 (62 credited appearances)
Dalek Operator (53 episodes)
Second Doctor (131 appearances)
Dalek (76 episodes) The longest running Dalek operator
Sarah Jane Smith (83 appearances)
Barbara Wright (80 episodes)
Fourth Doctor (178 appearances)

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