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Can you say which is bigger (A) or (B)?

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(A) African elephant or (B) Asian elephant (by mass)
(A) Uranus or (B) Neptune (by mass)
(A) Petronas Towers or (B) Willis Tower (by occupied floors)
(A) Chrysler Building or (B) The Shard (by height)
(A) One Googolplex or (B) Graham's Number
(A) Half life of a Proton or (B) Lifetime of the Universe
(A) Pint of Beer or (B) Half a Litre of Beer (by Volume)
(A) Liquid Pint or (B) Dry Pint (by Volume)
(A) Hercules - Corona Borealis Great Wall or (B) Sloan Great Wall (by number of galaxies)
(A) The Titanic or (B) The Disney Magic (ships)
(A) Dwarf Cavendish Banana or (B) Saba Banana (by length)
(A) An Acre or (B) Half a Hectare (by area)
(A) American football field or (B) Australian football field
(A) Ronnie Corbett or (B) Janette Krankie
(A) An American Alligator or (B) A Nile Crocodile
(A) Godzilla (1998 movie) or (B) Godzilla (2014 movie)
(A) Stade de France or (B) Twickenham Stadium (by number of spectators)
(A) Hoover Dam or (B) Glen Canyon Dam (by dam height)
(A) London 'Olympic Bell' or (B) Big Ben (by weight)

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