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Forced Order
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The plane took of from this city:
In the pilot we get to know a doctor named:
Who'd recently discovered the death of his father:
Which survivor was a captive before the plane crashed?
Which survivor is a millionaire?
One of the survivor is a musician named Charlie, what is the name of his band?
What is the name of Walts dog
Who was in a wheelchair before the plane crashed
He discovers a mysterious hatch together with this carachter:
Inside the hatch lived the character named:
The hatch was originally built by this organization:
In the hatch is a button you must push how often?
What are the inhabitants of the island called by the survivors?
They are led by this man:
Whose antagonist (who he exiled from the island) is called
What is Sawyers real name?
What is the name of Claires baby?
What is the name of the french woman?
What is her daughter called?
The plane was shattered in two pieces, how many days did it take for the survivors to reunite?
What are the numbers?
What is the name of the underwater Dharma station?
Which song deactivates the jamming signal
Who does Charlie get in contact with after deactivating the jamming signal?
What does he write on his hand as a message when the station is flooded?
What is the name of the freighter that found the island?
Which survivor took a job as a janitor on the freighter?
What is the protector of the island called?
What is his brother known as?
Name a character whose form he takes during the series..
Who came as a slave to the island and hasn't aged since then?
What is the name of the ship he came with?
Which quote is Desmond known for?
What is the name of mr Ekos brother?
By what name is John Locke known as after returning from the island?
Finish this Jack quote: Live together...
What are the names of the surviving children who gets kidnapped?
Which person infiltrates the survivors of the tail section?
Who is Jacks stepsister?
Which survivor except Hurley was a patient at Santa Rosa?
Hurley found a van in the forrest, whose dead body was inside it?
Who parachutet on to the island?
Who was in the hatch with and before Desmond?
Who becomes protector of the island after Jacob and Jack?
What lies in the shadow of the statue?

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Country by Unique Island

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No man is an island, and no island is the same as another island.
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