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Can you name the Harry Potter thing, person, or spell that corresponds to the given letter of the alphabet?

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Mrs. Figg's firt nameA
Pus of this plant is used to cure acneB
Type of cauldron material invented by Humphrey Belcher which went 'woefully wrong'C
This herb is used to heal woundsD
Name of the owl emporium in Diagon AlleyE
First name of the man who owns the ice cream parlor in Diagon AlleyF
The European wandmaker G
Fudge has an army of these, according to LunaH
Charm that repels water and mistI
Bertha, from the Ministry of Magic, who was murdered by VoldemortJ
Course for Squib's that teaches them magicK
Ingredient in Polyjuice potion that went missing from Snape's storeroom in the 4th yearL
Spell that conjures the Dark MarkM
Author of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'N
Magical binoculars O
Last name of the Hogwart's librarian P
Professor Quirrell's first name Q
Magical glass ball that Neville receives in the 1st yearR
The muggle school that Dudley and Vernon attendedS
Wilkie's last name, who teachers Hogwarts students how to apparateT
Department of Mysteries employeeU
Septima's last name, the Arithmancy teacher at HogwartsV
Wizarding band that plays at the Yule BallW
Luna's father's nameX
Death Eater who was head of Magical Law Enforcement at one pointY
Blaise's last nameZ

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