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Starting lyricsFinish the lyricsSong
I don't know what I want ...A place in this world
don't know what's down this road...A place in this world
even though I know I'm not the only one...A place in this world
Today was a fairytale...Today was a fairytale
you took me by the handToday was a fairytale
I wore a dressToday was a fairytale
One upon a timeForever and always
I hold on to the nightForever and always
I stare at the phoneForever and always
I didn't knowThe outside
I didn't readThe outside
I try to takeThe outside
I saidLong live
the time we stoodLong live
you held your headLong live
Starting lyricsFinish the lyricsSong
Why would you want to breakA perfectly good heart
why would you want to take our loveA perfectly good heart
why would you want to makeA perfectly good heart
Drew looks at meTeardrops on my guitar
I'll bet she's beautifulTeardrops on my guitar
and she's got everythingTeardrops on my guitar
I was seven and you were nineMary's Song (oh my my my)
Our daddies used to joke about the two of usMary's Song (oh my my my)
I dared you to kiss meMary's Song (oh my my my)
Seems the only one who doesn't see your beautyTied together with a smile
Hold onTied together with a smile
That you cryTied together with a smile
You were in collegeMine
I say 'can you believe it'Mine
you put your arm around meMine

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