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Pushing little children with their fully automatics they like to push the weak around.
I'm just demeaning the pack, Just demeaning the pack, Just demeaning the pack.
I don't think you trust, In my self-righteous suicide, I cry when angels deserve to die, In my self-righteous suicide, I cry when angels deserve to die.
Its a non stop disco, I bet you its Nabisco Betcha didn't know, WOO HOO Its a non stop disco, I bet you its Nabisco Betcha didn't know, WOO HOO Its a non stop disco Betcha didn't k
Kneeling roses disappearing, into Moses’ dry mouth, breaking into Fort Knox, stealing our intentions, Hangars sitting dripped in oil, Crying FREEDOM!
Breathing each others lives, Holding this in mind, That if we fall, we all fall, And we fall alone.
Television in disgrace Life you get old, it's the race, Can you break out, Can you break out, Will you live at your own pace.
Hey man don't you touch my belt, Old school Hollywood, Washed up Hollywood, Standing in the sun, I'm about to melt,
Seeing you believing Us adhering with The power struggle.
No flag large enough shame on the men in cuffs.
Pre-flight de-light, De-faced street lights, A pyramid mind ****, Don't leave your seats now.
I can't see your souls, souls through through your eyes The crying walls of sliding architecture Kidnapped by the likes of pure conjecture.
I sit, in my desolate room, no lights, no music, Just anger, killed everyone.
On the other side, on the other side, the other side, Did you ever try to fly, Did you ever try to fly? Have you ever wanted to die, you ever wanted to die?
I have a problem that I cannot explain, I have no reason why it should have been so plain, Have no questions but I sure have excuse, I lack the reason why I should be so confused,
My cock is much bigger than yours, My cock can walk right through the door With a feeling so pure.. It's got you screaming back for more.
People all grow up to die There is no one here but me.
They take me away from, The strangest places... Sweet Danny and Lisa, They take me away from...AHHH.
Makes you high makes you hide do you really want to think and stop stop your eyes from flowing,
Was it the riches, of the land, Powers of bright darkness, That lead the noble, to the East, To fight the lord
Brought like 20 white boys in the back of a pick-up truck with hockey pucks and skateboards on their way to Woodstock Leave home the glock
Don't you, realize, evil, Lives in the mother-**** skin, Don't you, realize , that evil, Lives in the mother-**** skin.
Science has failed our world science has failed our mother earth.

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