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1978John Carpenter
1974Tobe Hooper
1984Wes Craven
1975Dario Argento
1964Mario Bava
1980Sean S. Cunningham
2004James Wan
1982Dario Argento
1996Wes Craven
1974Bob Clark
1970Dario Argento
2007Scott Glosserman
1971Sergio Martino
1987Michele Soavi
1971Sergio Martino
2003Alexandre Aja
2005Rob Zombie
1971Mario Bava
2000James Wong
2005Darren Lynn Bousman
2006Christopher Smith
1992Bernard Rose
1987Joseph Rube
1977Wes Craven
2006David Moreau
1973Sergio Martino
1979Fred Walton
2006Roar Uthaug
2005Greg McLean
1981Rick Rosenthal
1988Tom Holland
1976Alfred Sole
1978Antonio Bido
2006Darren Lynn Bousman
1988Toshiharu Ikeda
1994Wes Craven
1980William Lustig
1987Chuck Russell
1982Lucio Fulci
1970Mario Bava
1976Rene Daalder
2007Darren Lynn Bousmann
1981Tony Maylam
2006Jonathan Levine
1981Jeff Lieberman
1997Wes Craven
1972Wes Craven
1986Fred Walton
2007Adam Green
1982Jack Sholder
2003Ronny Yu
2008David Hackl
2005Jeff Wadlow
1979David Schmoeller
1980Kevin Connor
1981Tobe Hooper
1983Robert Hiltzik
2004Paul Etheredge
1981George Mihalka
2009Dennis Iliadis
2005Eli Roth
1981Joseph Zito
1983Mark Rosman
1988Dwight H. Little
1980Roger Spottiswoode
1984Charles E. Sellier, Jr.
1997J. Gillespie
2003Tobe Hooper
2004Christopher Smith
1977Antonio Bido
2004Jeff Lieberman
2005Jaume Collet-Serra
1988Michael A. Simpson
1981Romano Scavolini
1984Larry Stewart
2002Eli Roth
2005Dave Payne
1963Richard Hilliard
1980J. Lee Thompson
1981Tom DeSimone
1986Tom McLoughlin
1980Paul Lynch
1981Ed Hunt
1988Renny Harlin
1981Ken Wiederhorn
1998Jamie Blanks
1987Rick Roessler
1980Charles Kaufman
1982Amy Holden Jones
1983Richard Ciupka
1973S.F. Brownrigg
2004Stevan Mena
1986Jim Wynorski
2000Geoffrey Wright
1990Jeff Burr
1985Buddy Cooper
1982Joe Giannone
1995Joe Chappelle
1977Frederick R. Friedel
1998Danny Cannon

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