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Sexually charged film about people who are real animals in the sack.
Homage to 1950s horror comics.
Homage to a certain homage to 1950s horror comics.
Early horror film, and a masterpiece of the German Expressionist style.
Classic bad movie--monster that resembles a walking carpet eats people.
Psycho punishes those who don't forward a chain letter.
Hammer's Frankenstein reboot.
Biker babes versus the undead.
Virally-marketed monster movie.
Italian take on The Blob.
AKA Dellamorte Dellamore: Cemetary caretaker gets involved with zombie-killing and necrophilia.
Expedition discovers missing link in Amazon.
Filmmakers shooting horror film encounter real zombies.
Overzealous robots patrol mall.
George C. Scott is again in a movie where malevolence uses a wheelchair.
Chemical weapons turn citizens homicidal, triggering martial law.
All-star cast of horror icons in dark comedy about an undertaker who. . . proactively increases demand for his services.
Dee Wallace gets dogged by rabid St. Bernard.
Giant eyes lurk in the Alps, plot world domination.
Fashion model gets subjected to tiresome torture porn antics. Directed by the man who gave us The Killing Fields.
Lycanthropy gets the Hammer Studios treatment.
Urban legend in the projects.
Broken Lizard gets slashed up in paradise.
Wil Wheaton in loose Lovecraft adaptation.
Adaptation of Stephen King's first novel has scariest jump scare ever.
Social worker gets in over her head.
Small town down under kills motorists and scavenges the wrecks.
Kids get religion, adults get the axe.
Lesser-known anthology of King stories, connected by a kitty.
The most fun for intelligent people involving cubes since Rubik made his.
Car, owner develop codependent relationship.
Another possessed car goes on another rampage.
Little Red Riding Hood retold as a fable about sex...with werewolves.
Doc discovers conspiracy behind coma epidemic at her hospital.
Gates of hell open; dead walk the earth.
Zombie gangster on the loose.
Astronaut's hand takes on life of its own.
Recursive serial killer copies a copycat serial killer.
Outcast schoolgirls dabble in witchcraft.
Notorious documentary style film that got its director arrested for animal cruelty and suspected murder.
J-Lo goes inside a maniac's mind.
Giallo about murders connected to drug company research.
Ex-con stalks lawyer's family.
Young woman has near-death experience. The Other Side wants to make it a full-death experience.
'Make Them Die Slowly!' The other classic Italian cannibal movie (besides #40)
Underage girl stalks a journalist.
Flesh-eating disease ruins vacation.
Creepy kids with psychic powers and cobalt hair.
Chronicles a butcher's attempt to cover up an accidential homicide by committing several deliberate ones.
Alien eggs make people explode. Totally not a ripoff of Alien, not at all!
Silent movie adaptation of Lovecraft's classic story.
Subterranean Zombie Dwellers.
Kids make up hoax about serial killer, who turns out to be real.
Controversial Kubrick classic about free will and violence.
Vietnam vets turn cannibals in the big city.
Cryogenically frozen bodies are dethawed, become zombies.
Guerillas, gorillas both pose threat in Africa.

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