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Archetypal rape-revenge film also known as Day of the Woman.
Hypnotherapy turns teen into lycanthrope. Whoops!
Aliens possess the bodies of human corpses.
Jacques Tourneur zombie film.
Boy watches his neighbors get enslaved by Martians.
Note: Making bad guys into bad guys with rabies is not necessarily the wisest way to seek revenge.
Professor Frankenstein restores car crash victim to life.
Iconic study in paranoia
Rape-revenge flick in reverse.
Giant tentacles smash American cities.
Lackluster zombie thriller, usually double-billed with #6
Grave robbers stumble upon the undead.
Tasteless title for a tasteless premise.
CGI arachnids terrorize skiers.
Sam Neill once again finds himself battling the fantastic creatures of a best-selling author's imagination.
Arty zombie flick best known for a scene of undead onanism.
'Claude Rains was the. . .'
Angry albinos screw around with Will Smith's dolls.
Campy romp pits Americans against giant carrot-things.
Lindsay Lohan makes an unfortunate foray into horror cinema.
Mischievous girls accidentally prank call a killer.
Teens deal with rainslickered killer, make a mint at the box office.
Laughton and Lugosi in terrifying H.G. Wells adaptation.
Brando mumbles way through role as reclusive god-king in the, not Apocalypse Now.
Science breeds silicon-based lifeforms with a taste for bone marrow.
Brother and sister go on a rampage on a Greek island.
Man plays god with pins and cemetary map.
Argento's epic, involving haunted apartments.
Aliens mess with the wrong planet in this ultimate 1990s movie.
Takashi Miike's ultraviolent yakuza film.
SoCal actress goes crazy.
Slacker's right hand kills of own accord.
Pollution breeds excellent candidates for post-natal abortion.
The film that inspired Alien.
Tim Curry informs children about floating in sewers, traumatizes a generation.
Once again, alien forces take over townsfolk--even if it's more benign this time.
Man must eat human flesh to replenish his own rapidly melting body.
Astral projection makes a comatose boy a portal for spirits.
A fake (?) documentary about Werner Herzog's attempt to make a (fake?) documentary about Nessie.
William Shatner fights evil in the first (and only?) Esperanto horror movie.
Also known as Dark Angel, it pits Dolph Lundgren against drug dealers both human and alien.
Underrated, terrifying and graphic French film in which a sinister lady stalks a pregnant woman on Christmas Eve.
Oddball Roger Corman film from the 1960s about a strange circus with a notoriously weird and long title.
Gang leaves prison, invades nearby town.
Korean cop tracks down serial killer.
Japanese fable about sin and hell.
Incredibly terrifying J-horror, remade as the Grudge.
Patchwork monster stalks country roads.
Jason Voorhees....IN SPACE!
Serial killer comes back as a snowman.
Five friends ignore warnings against backwoods camping trip; slasher mayhem ensues.
Vietnam vet suffers from hallucinations and flasbhacks.
Spielberg's sharks and scores scare swimmers stiff.
Teens on trip antagonize psycho trucker.
Film about notorious serial killer featured a shock ending in color.
The satisfaction at seeing Jason finally get clobbered by millitary grade hardware turns to disbelief as he posseses other people in a bizarre finale (but not really) to the franch
Art school final project with skeleton has predictably grisly results.

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