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One of the most influential and subtle horror flicks ever made.
Chilling and realistic look at a serial killer.
Cops'n'robbers becomes cops'n'robbers'n'zombies.
Shipwrecked teens stalked by unwanted baby turned mutant killer.
Prison doctor breaks rules of medical ethics, gets banned in UK.
Backpackers become playthings of sick and powerful men.
Star pianist gets new hands after accident. Too bad his 'donor' was a murderer.
Aggressively old-school American slasher.
Red-headed stepchild of popular horror franchise features killer masks and annoying music.
Sorority prank causes death of coed, subsequent stalking of her sorority sisters.
Radiation makes man a reverse-werewolf: When exposed to the sun, he becomes a monster.
AKA City of the Dead: Reincarnated witch seeks blood of virginal student.
Artifacts from crime museum put to wicked use.
Stomach-churning film about some very unnecessary surgery.
Trees fight back, leaving cast (and audience) dazed and suicidal.
After the Earth's ozone layer is depleted, a scientist's attempts to save the world transform him into a sentient ecosystem.
Alien force plays real life GTA 3 with human captives.
Missing link hops bodies, causes mayhem on Orient Express.
Three witches come back on Halloween night and tangle with teens.
Dysfunctional Korean family unites after monster attack.
Boy takes over the family devil worship cult.
Psycho cyborg pieces itself together in post-apocalypse, goes on a rampage.
Animated Rob Zombie project involving a luchadore.
One of the first films made in 3-D.
Adaptation of Shirley Jackson's classic horror novel.
Edward Lee's demented opus brought to the big screen.
Bad parents videotape their hellspawn.
Mario Bava zombie film got thrown on UK Video Nasties list.
Pupi Avati film has Italian painter discovering secrets about a village.
Girl comes back from the grave to be prom queen.
AKA 'Expose' or 'Trauma.' Udo Kier is a paranoid writer.
Uwe Boll film that cemented his reputation as modern-day Ed Wood.
Lycanthropes form a community, benefit from remarkable special effects.
Bridal-store owner works out childhood issues with blades.
Retro-style film puts a babysitter in a house,then cranks up the tension.
Toxic waste spill ruins fun in the sun.
David Bowie tries to escape an Egyptian vampire's clutches.
Another haunted house film 'based on actual events.'
Rob Zombie's hyperactive horror homage.
Guinea Pig film about a man who can't even do anything right--including suicide.
Vietnam vet turned horror writer grapples with past in haunted house.
Cannibal versus pedophile.
Charles Laughton is Quasimodo.
William Castle production featured Emergo--fancy name for a skeleton that flew out at the audience.
Psychopath coaches wannabe murderers.
Sociopathic loli torments pervy photographer.
Hair metal band faces off against Hitler, and it gets weirder from there.
Aldrich Southern Gothic with a demented Bette Davis.
Hammer's Dracula reboot.
S&M demons get summoned by a puzzle box.
Like Family Feud, only in the desert and with rape and murder.
Product of Nazi occult ritual joins the good guys.
Film that kicked off the ultraviolent New Wave of French Horror.
Family Feud, with rape and murder.
Serial killer thumbs his way across the country.
Ladies, there's plenty of fish in the sea-and yes, they're amorous!
Title comes from the implement used in the main character's abortive abortion.

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