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Sutherland and Christie have sex, search for dead daughter in Venice.
Coppola's first film, and with even more bladed object mayhem than the climax of Apocalypse Now.
Neil Marshall breathes new life into werewolf genre.
Spelunking trip ends very, very badly.
Horror film buff faces off against an alien menace.
Bela Lugosi becomes the first vampire to charm the ladies.
Three Men on a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Banjo!)
Cops'n' Undead Robbers.
Movie theater patrons become killers.
Novelist versus his own pseudonym.
Toho Studios' kaiju battle royale.
Possibly the goriest film ever made.
Small town increases its population through murder and zombification.
Christopher Walken has to assassinate...Martin Sheen.
'Tooth Fairy' torments town.
Scientists and soldiers battle zombies and each other in Florida bunker.
Psycho gets power tool, blood runs in rivers.
Super-stylish flick that also gave us Billy, Jigsaw's puppet.
Impeccably well-mannered British anthology widely considered a genre masterpiece.
Vampire society faces blood shortage.
The man who gave us Creepshow produced this inferior horror anthology.
Ghouls go shopping.
Satan breaks an elevator.
Lovecraft adaptation sees Karloff infected by alien force.
The closest Stephen King came to a Lifetime Movie (before Rose Madder, anyway).
Italian village is plagued by child murders. Is witchcraft responsible?
Romero brings his ghouls to the YouTube age.
Classic tale of good and evil personalities.
Mel Brooks takes on bloodsuckers.
Stuntman vents sexual frustration through vehicular homicide.
Woman gets knocked up by eldritch abomination.
George Kennedy winds up on board a floating concentration camp.
Satanists on motorcycles.
British blokes battle bloodthirsty babes.
Spielberg's debut, a TV Movie of the Week.
Murder victim's body disappears. Terror ensues.
Lionel Barrymore cross-dresses, shrinks people.
Deer hunters assailed by alien parasites.
Banker suffers from gypsy curse.
Jeremy Renner steps into the shoes of infamous cannibal.
Satanic cultists foiled by water.
Burn victim goes on revenge spree with flamethrower.
Eco-horror has critters talking animal liberation into their own paws.
Apartment has serious plumbing issues.
Sicko family goes on road trip.
Crazed maniac stalks and slashes lingerie clad lovelies. Business as usual.
Arthouse favorite about cannibalism.
Meteor shower causes blindness, angry plants.
Finnish rock band Lordi's motion picture debut.
Space marines fight demons.
Town comes up with drastic solution to juvenile delinquency.
Creepy ventriloquism dolls menace town.
Psycho doctor laughs his way through murder spree.
Praying mantis munches Washington Monument.
Fast food mascot gets murderous.
De Palma's Hitchcock/Argento style flick about a transsexual killer.
Agribusiness gets the giallo treatment.

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