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Tongue-in-bloody-cheek slasher.
Parody of 90s slashers.
Slugs zombify locals in homage to '80s creature splatter.
More slugs!
This time it's worms out for blood.
'The snake says...'
Controversial faux-snuff flick.
Shark attack picture in 3D. Because it worked so well with Jaws 3D.
Murdered cop makes deal with devil, becomes anti-hero.
Cleanup crew in old mental hospital encounters its ghastly past.
Photographer sees dead people in his pictures.
Religious allegory in a plague-depopulated America.
Giallo from the point of view of a paralyzed man's flashbacks.
Alien succubus ensnares men.
Hatfields and McCoys...with zombies!
Move over cocaine! There's another white, addictive, energizing substance enslaving 1980s America.
Electric chair turns serial killer into serial killer who can move through power lines.
Evil step-parent seeks perfect family.
Once again, genetic engineering proves destructive.
Satanic stranger holds snowbound town in thrall.
Corporate trust building retreat leads to employee attrition.
Number 6 mentors a telepath. Heads explode.
Sensationalization of book about voodoo and real life zombies.
Cannibalistic mutants are metaphor for high school cliques.
Law and Order: Exploding Heads Unit
Cat People+Vampires
Adaptation of Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf.
Peter Fonda and giant snake. As bad as you'd think, except for the Tangerine Dream soundtrack.
Traumatized kid goes to summer camp, mayhem ensues.
A Vietnam vet's best friend is his rattlesnake.
Girl goes to ballet school, encounters witches, awesome soundtrack
Controversial flick with Saint Nick suited killer
Lionell Atwill steals every scene; the Monster steals his arms.
Crop circles herald alien invasion.
'I see dead people.'
Renowned for its opening sequence in which several annoying celebs are brutally murdered.
Kane stalks hotel cleanup crew.
A romantic comedy. With zombies.
Easily the best film in the sub-sub-subgenre of underwater Nazi zombie films.
Zombies and voodoo, blaxploitation style.
Martin and Lewis horror comedy.
Quirky British take on the 'inbred family' genre.
King's updated Dracula hits the big screen.
Kubrick scares the living crap out of everyone.
Horror movie from the guy that brought us 'El Topo' is similarly weird and bloody.
Nick Cage once again exposed to witchcraft. Manages not to scream about bees this time.
Power drill disrupts sleepover.
Uwe Boll torture porno with brutal hammer murder.
Slasher on the ski slopes.
Lon Chaney takes care of three freaks.
Polluted water creates murderous reptilian mutant.
Mad scientist drains blood from victims to create zombie army.
One of the few horror flicks to get recognition by the Academy.
Video game kills players.
Probably the most effective video game adaptation so far.
Friendly fascists zap bugs.
Porcupine-like monster creates zombies. Way better than it sounds.

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