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Alien plant shrinks women via the airwaves.
Mirror contains an evil spirit.
Someone's killing fashion models. Again.
Monsters escape a mine, terrorize small town.
Couple hires a bio-exorcist.
Steve McQueen fights metaphorical angry Jell-O.
Tale of boy and his rats gave young Michael Jackson a hit single.
Karloff returns for one of the most iconic films ever.
Nazi scholar becomes vampiric menace.
Man Bites Dog meets Scream.
George Costanza goes to camp, gets stalked by burn victim.
Brain parasite gives pleasure, demands victims in obvious drug allegory.
African-American vampire comes to town.
Alien borrows human heads, doesn't return them in very good condition.
Everyone's favorite killing doll gets lucky.
Troubled kids go to boot camp, get more troubled when they become zombies.
Crow congregation curses California coastal community.
Cephalopod besieges coastal town.
New Zealand special forces battle invaders from an alien fast food chain.
Dancer plunges into stylish, psychosexual nightmare.
Early Corman classic.
Farm animals become zombies down under.
Angelic little girl racks up a body count.
Trailer-trash girl takes in paranoid drifter obsessed with insects.
Subterranean monsters menace the Old West.
Story of Mexican drug traffickers/cultists loosely based on real crimes.
The man who gave us 'A Christmas Story' gives us another, blacker look at the holiday.
Dario Argento invents the giallo.
Coinjoined twins get separated, then reunite for revenge.
Pod people threaten a military base.
Anti-drug film featuring a turkey-headed monster.
AKA Twitch of the Death Nerve, this Bava film is half Agatha Christie and half Friday the 13th
Japanese answer to Dawn of the Dead.
Baseball, Japanese-style.
Photographer and models decide castle good spot for shoot; 'Crimson Executioner' disagrees.
Pee Wee Herman menaces Summerdale.
Master Sardu and his assistant Ralphus enslave and torture women for fun and profit.
This time, it's a scorpion that gets the 'Big Bug' treatment.
Herschell Gordon Lewis invents the splatter film.
Controversial Troma title with cannibalistic kids.
Like Clue, but with lycanthropy.
American icons fight old age as well as a mummy.
Fulci's bizarre, ultra-gory masterpiece.
Couple receives box, ethical dilemma.
Ed Wood's most passable film--if you ignore the giant octopus.
House contains $1 million in hidden treasure--and a serial killer.
Spanish nobleman put to death by Inquisition returns to suck brains from his victims.
British village children become Satanists.
Decapitated head hones psychic powers.
House's summer caretakers discover their charge is evil.
People turn into bats.
The worst, most heavy-handed eco-horror flick since The Happening.
Money-grubbing relatives await cat lady's death.
Woman undergoes experiment 'psychoplasmics' therapy; mayhem ensues.
Half-vampire fights whole-vampires.
Gothic picture from Bava has executed witch seeking revenge.
Obsessive doc hacks off woman's limbs.

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