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A killer obsessed with the novel Night Journey kidnaps a woman.Novel by Peter Straub
Werewolf novel adapted into successful film franchise.Novel by Gary Brandner
Mind-bending novel about a mind-bending house became a huge cult hit. Novel by Mark Z. Danielewski
World gets ravaged by a hate plague.Novel by David Moody
Shirley Jackson sets the gold standard for haunted house stories.Novel by Shirley Jackson
British vampires fight Nazi vampires (and the occasional Catholic special forces agent).Manga by Kouta Hirano
Rock star with macabre tastes buys a ghost online. Novel by Joe Hill
Eccentrics at writers' workshop tell each other stories.Anthology/Novel by Chuck Palahniuk
True-crime story of the Manson family.Non-Fiction by Vincent Bugliosi
Rich man hires a group of experts to prove life after death; they head to the abandoned Belasco House to get evidence.Novel by Richard Matheson
Lecter versus Verger.Novel by Thomas Harris
Cab driver who can see the dead is entangled with the mob.Novel by Tom Piccirilli
Demon summoned by Nazis joins the good guys.Comic book series
Anthology containing the novella 'The Juniper Tree.'Anthology by Peter Straub
Interlinked short works about the failure of the Baby Boomer Generation.Anthology/Novel by Stephen King
Not a horror novel per se, but it's such a delightful example of American Gothic that I can't resist.Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Holmes and Watson investigate canine curse.Novel by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle
ATF agent gets drawn into a backwoods nightmare featuring the titular mutant.Novel by Edward Lee
Man investigating the Starry Wisdom cult encounters one of Nyarlathotep's forms.Short Story by H.P. Lovecraft
Sequel to City Infernal.Novel by Edward Lee
After spending years in captivity abroad, a man returns home only to cross paths with a serial killer.Novel by Matthew J. Costello
Kinky story of sex, pain and death that was adapted into Hellraiser.Novella by Clive Barker
American journalist investigates the murders of his Vietnam war buddies.Novel by Tony Richards
Haunted house story challenged convention by making the evil abode recently constructed instead of an ancient mansion.Novel by Anne Rivers Siddons
Car crash survivor is revived after being pronounced dead--and he brought something back from the Other Side with him.Novel by Dean Koontz
Real-life medical thriller about Ebola virus.Non-Fiction by Douglas Preston
Siblings investigate how the game they played as children is connected to their father's bizarre murder.Novel by Douglas Clegg
Evil biker gang terrorizes a town.Novel by Nathaniel Lambert
Dr. Lecter's origin story.Novel by Thomas Harris
A man copes with his transformation into a demonic creature.Novel by Joe Hill

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