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Can you name the 50 Horror Works Beginning With C?

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Most famous story of the Cthulhu MythosShort Story by H.P. Lovecraft
Like 'M. Valdemar,' but with air conditioning instead of hypnosis.Short Story by H.P.Lovecraft
Collection of Campbell's Cthulhu stories.Anthology by Ramsey Campbell
Hermit-like Vietnam vet gets Rambo on some campers.Novel by Jack Ketchum
Psycho has a thing for cutting people. Novel by Richard Laymon
Telephones send the world into a frenzy.Novel by Stephen King
Man has visions of impending disasters and tries to stop them.Novel by Dean Koontz
Controversial novel about car-crash fetishists.Novel by JG Ballard
First book in Richard Laymon's 'Beast House' series.Novel by RichardLaymon
Graphic novel about a year in a community plagued by a werewolf.Graphic Novel by Stephen King
Stoker-winning book about urban exploration won him a Stoker award.Novel by David Morrell
First in a classic splatterpunk series about sea creature invasion. Novel by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark
Professor discovers his wife is a witch.Novel by Fritz Lieber
Giant earthworms attack!Novella by Brian Keene
Philosophically pessimistic essay in the tradition of Lovecraft's 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' argues that it would be better if we didn't exist.Essay/Non-Fiction by Thomas Ligotti
HintTitleAdditional Info
Berni Wrightson illustrated this comic book tie-in to the film of the same name.Comic Book by Stephen King and Berni Wrightson
Neil Gaiman work inspired by the terrifying story 'The New Mother.' Recently adapted as an animated movie.Novella by Neil Gaiman
Kid and car have unhealthy relationship.Novel by Stephen King
Lovecraftian goings-on in a Christian farming community.Novel by T.E.D Klein
Washed-up actor finds hidden side of Hollywood.Novel by Clive Barker
Clive Barker work that was adapted into Nightbreed.Novella by Clive Barker
A series of ghost stories that are about the titular character:Short Story Series/Character by William Hope Hodgson
Stoker-winner about two friends who discover a mysterious hole in their apartment.Novel by Kathe Koja
Ed Lee modernizes the Inferno.Novel by Edward Lee
Le Fanu's novella was the basis for Dreyer's film Vampyr.Novella by Sheridan Le Fanu
Stephen King's debut novel, about a telekinetic.Novel by Stephen King
Bizarro novel set in a slaughterhouse and frequently compared to The Wasp Factory.Novel by Matthew Stokoe
Ed Lee novel involving backwoods denizens...again.Novel by Edward Lee
Bioterror attack causes people to eat themselves.Novel by Douglas Preston
St.Bernard besieges car.Novel by Stephen King

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