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Can you name the Horror Works beginning with D?

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Writer kills off his pseudonym--so pseudonym decides to kill off the writer.Novel by Stephen King
Collection of stories including 'The Whimper of Whipped Dogs,' which have to do with 'modern gods.'Anthology by Harlan Ellison
Novella about grieving parents encountering the supernatural in Venice that became a classic horror film.Novella by Daphne Du Maurier
A girl whose father was a cult leader studies a forest's creepy secrets. Novel by Ramsey Campbell
Scientist taps into his dark side.Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Shipwrecked survivors rescued--by a phantom ship that sails them into a nightmare.Novel by Nancy Holder
King anthology waggishly referred to by some as 'Different Screenplays.'Anthology by Stephen King
Tale of terror on the highway that Spielberg adapted for his first film.Novella by Richard Matheson
Hunting buddies encounter vicious alien parasites.Novel by Stephen King
A group of patrons get stuck inside a drive-in theater and chaos ensues.Novel by Joe R. Lansdale
Stunning, poetic work about survival in the wilderness adapted into famous movie.Novel by James Dickey
Painting comes to life, goes on killing spree.Novel by Graham Masterton
The novel that invented the modern vampire story.Novel by Bram Stoker
Psychic discovers presidential candidate is a psycho.Novel by Stephen King
Famous horror anthology that featured Stephen King's 'The Mist.'Anthology edited by Kirby McCauley
Fantasy chronicling a kid's summer in the 1920s.Novel by Ray Bradbury
Stephen King's seven-part fantasy opus.Series by Stephen King
Campbell's first novel, about a ghoulish killer.Novel by Ramsey Campbell
Small town is isolated from the rest of the world by a mysterious force.Novel by Brian Keene
Companion work to The Regulators, set in a Nevada mining town invaded by a demon.Novel by Stephen King
Millionaire tries to get out of his Faustian bargain.Novel by Clive Barker
Meteor shower causes blindness, releases murderous plants.Novel by John Wyndham
Students follow Ouija board's promise of hidden treasure, run into slasher. Novel by Richard Laymon
A woman's monologue about how and why she killed her husband.Novel by Stephen King
'A story of a boy and his monster.'Novel by Jeff Strand
Degenerate cultist steals Necronomicon to summon Yog-SothothShort Story by H.P. Lovecraft
Super-smart computer covets his master's wife.Novel by Dean Koontz
A man begins a new life as a painter and unlocks a hidden power.Novel by Stephen King
Campers screw with witches, come to regret it.Novel by Richard Laymon
A change of pace from Campbell's Cthulhu stories, this collection revolves around horrific occurrences in everyday settings.Anthology by Ramsey Campbell

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