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The collection of stories and novellas that put Clive Barker on the map.Anthology Series by Clive Barker
A writer, grieving his wife's death, finds both love and supernatural intrigue in a small community.Novel by Stephen King
King and Straub teamed up again to write this sequel to The Talisman.Novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub
Coming-of-age story set in Zephyr, AL, in 1964.Novel by Robert R. McCammon
Invisible serial rapist stalks a woman from his home town. Novel by Richard Laymon
Megacephallic mutant kills and rapes its way through the backwoods.Novel by Edward Lee
Omnibus collection of books written by Stephen King's pseudonym.Collection of Novellas by Richard Bachman (Stephen King)
A novel length expansion of 'Mad Dog Summer.'Novel by Joe R. Lansdale
Historical fiction in which Japanese cult summons mysterious storms to protect its homeland.Novel by F. Paul Wilson
Collection of horror and suspense fiction.Anthology by David Morrell
Nature strikes back in the town of Paradise, PA.Novel by John Skipp and Craig Spector
Novel of a small-time criminal who kidnaps a kid that was originally going to be King's second novel.Novel by Richard Bachman (Stephen King)
Koontz novel about writer who moves to a creepy town.Novel by Dean Koontz
Benchley novel about giant squid.Novel by Peter Benchley
Critically acclaimed sci-fi/horror anthology.Anthology by John Shirley
Influential anthology of Romero-influenced zombie tales.Anthology edited by John Skipp and Craig Spector
Four strangers are connected by a sinister ghost train.Novel by Bentley Little
Warped Americana became cult hit featuring Bruce Campbell.Novella by Joe R. Lansdale
Critically acclaimed Irish novel about a boy's violent fantasy life.Novel by Patrick McCabe
Collection of Edward Lee short fiction.Anthology by Edward Lee
Innocent little girl is sociopathic killer.Novel by William March (later a play by Maxwell Anderson)
Don't trust anyone over 16--because they'll kill you!Novel by Simon Clark
Sequel to 'The Cellar.'Novel by Richard Laymon
Titular hero slays monsters and becomes king.Epic Poem
Japanese solution to juvenile delinquency is...extreme.Manga by Koushon Takami
Artifact lets you inhabit another's body.Novel by Richard Laymon
Cthulhu Mythos novel featuring Shudde M' ellNovel by Brian Lumley
Novella adapted into classic Hitchcock flick sees nature declare war on humanity.Novella by Daphne Du Maurier
Man kills cat, then wife, then receives 'Tell-Tale Heart' styled comeuppance.Short Story by Edgar Allan Poe
Second in the 'Odd Thomas' series.Novel by Dean Koontz

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