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The lyricThe song
I know I was born and I will die, the in between is mine
Breathing hard and making hay, yeah this is living
Your an angle when you sleep
I find my key but return to find an open door
I know someday you'll find a beautiful life, i know someday you'll be a star
And I'm not leaving this life without you, i'm selfish and clear
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Together, but we were miles apart, every inch between us becomes like it is now
Why deny, all the troubles when combined
The lyricThe song
Caught a bolt of lightning, cursed the day he let it go
Every beach has a clown who thinks he knows it all.
Were all crazy, were all crazy and were
A whisper in the dark, is that you are just my thoughts
Do your dances alone in your room, becoming a start will become your doom
Because all the lovin' she had was just wood that she burned
I'll wait up in the dark, for you to speak to me, I'll hold the pain
When he was six, he believed that the moon overhead followed him
Made it to the ocean, had a smoke in a tree

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