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my husband divorced me because i cheated on him. i moved away to join my friend naomi in her practice.
i was engaged to someone who gave me alot of money, when he died i waited a long time to cash it. who am i?
i have a daughter sloan. i had an affair with callie . who am i?
i served in iraq. i married someone so he could get health insurance. who am i?
my wife had alzheimers. i was chief of surgery for over 10 years. i got electricuted. who am i?
my son works on the board at seattle grace. i am going to be a grandmother. who am i?
my husband had a daughter with another woman. i started to forget things. who am i?
i transferred from mercy west. my unborn baby has a problem. who am i?
i am an intern with stephanie, jo, and shane. i slept with the head of pediatrics. who am i?
i gave two guys sciffilis. i dated both of them at the same time.
i broke up a wedding with my girlfriend sitting right next to me. i am going to have a son. my mom dated the old head of surgery. who am i?
i am head of surgery. i married someone but she left seattle grace. who am i?
my wife died at seattle grace. i went back to the hospital and started a shooting rampage and killed/injured people. who am i?
i married a nurse. i was in charge of 5 interns. i had a baby boy. who am i?
i am married to an orthopedic surgeon. i have a daughter. i am in peds. who am i?
i was nicknamed 007, because i killed my first patient. who am i?
i was married to someone who got cancer . i worked with arizona in pediatrics. who am i?
i dated someone for a while until the day of another persons wedding he stod up and objected to their wedding so he could be with the bride. he ran away with her and got married. ?
i am divorced. i have a daughter. i was in an accident. who am i?
i am head of neuro and recently married meredith grey. who am i?
i had alzheimers until i passed away. my daughter saw me cut my wrists. who am i?
my mom died of the hiccups. i dated alex karev and mark sloan. who am i?

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