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Gift for beating the Hoenn Elite 4Steel/Psychic
Saved from Silph Co.Water/Ice
Egg from Lavaridge TownPsychic
Egg from Hearthome CityNormal
Given to you for you to safeguard in Cianwood CityBug/Rock
Gift from beating the other gym in SaffronFighting
Given to you by a scientist in the Seasonal Reseach InstituteNormal/Grass
Holding mail you must deliverNormal/Flying
Obtained by answering questions in Dragon's DenDragon
Obtained by having an event Celebi in your partyDark
Result of scientific experiments on weatherNormal
Egg from Primo in HGSSThree different eggs obtainable (Fire, Water, Electric)
Gifted as an egg in Unova's Rt. 18Bug/Fire
Given to you in Veilstone CityNormal
Riley gives this to you on Iron IslandFighting
Gifted to you in the Dreamyard by a ladyGrass|Water|Fire
Was gifted as a key item in Gen II from Mr. PokemonNormal
Odd Egg (from Crystal)Can hatch into one of 7 pokemon; High chance of being shiny
Located deep in Mt. MortarFighting
First obtained on top of Celadon MansionNormal

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