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Can you name the trivia about Downton Abbey's Christmas Special?

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Forced Order
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What is the name of Lord Grantham's dog?Easy
Who kidnaps her?Easy
Which character is announced to be pregnant?Easy
Who does Matthew punch?Easy
What is Bates' original sentence?Easy
Later on, this is changed to what?Easy
Which characters break off their engagement?Easy
Which two characters plan to travel to America?Easy
Who do they plan to stay with?Easy
Which two characters get engaged?Easy
What is the 'board game' that the servants play with?Medium
What does Mary give Anna for Christmas as well as the usual frock?Medium
What war wound has Sir Anthony sustained?Medium
What game is being shot at the shoot?Medium
Which two Crawleys find out about Mary and Mr Pamuk?Medium
Who is Matthew's appointed partner at the Servants' Ball?Medium
Which two Crawleys dance with Thomas at the Servants' Ball?Medium
What does Isobel give the Dowager Countess for Christmas?Medium
At what meal do the Downton servants have their Christmas celebration?Medium
On what other day of the year do the Crawleys 'fend for themselves'?Medium
What does the Dowager Countess call the game that Sir Richard refers to as Charades?Hard
How much is the reward for finding Lord Grantham's dog?Hard
In testifying order, name the three characters who are forced to serve as witnesses for Bates's prosecution?Hard
Which character's father does Matthew witness the death of?Hard
What is the name of Lady Rosamund's beau?Hard
Who is he found in bed with?Hard
How many siblings did William have?Hard
What message does the 'board game' have for Mrs Patmore?Hard
What message does the 'board game' have for Daisy?Hard
What is the final message from the 'board game'?Hard

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