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This fighter has never lost a fight in the UFC
This fighter is the only Brazilian fighter inducted to the UFC hall of fame
Had knockout of the year against Michael Bisping
First Fighter to ever knock out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Has the nickname 'Rush'
Beat BJ Penn at UFC 112 for belt
From who's team did the winners of TUF 1 come from?
Has the nickname 'Rampage'
This fighter has had the most title shots
Who is Georges St-Pierre going to be coaching against in TUF 12?
Which Fighter was just kicked out of the UFC due to a cheap shot after the bell at UFC 113
where was the first UFC outdoor fight
how old is Randy Couture?
Where was Cheick Kongo born?
Which UFC fighter has never left the first round?
Has the nickname 'Suga'
This fighter knocked out Lyoto Machida to take the Belt
Which fighter in the UFC has the most career Wins?
Who did Dan Hardy train with in preparation for his fight against GSP
Who has the nickname 'bones'
who has the nickname 'the outlaw'
which UFC fighter is married to porn star Jenna Jameson!
which fighter from the UFC came from WWE and is now the heavy weight champion
Who did Forrest Griffin fight to become THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER
Has the nickname 'the dean of mean'
what year was the first UFC in?
What was the name of the first UFC event?
Who commentates the fights with Mark Goldberg
Which fighter was involved in a motorcycle accident in the year 2004
TUF 10 winner
Who was the First UFC heavyweight Champion
Who was the First UFC Light heavyweight Champion
Who is the UFC president?
Has the nickname 'Irish hand grenade'
TUF 1 welterweight/ lightweight winner
Coached against Matt Hughes in TUF 2
Frank and Lorenzo.........(fill in the last name)
Before becoming a mixed martial artist this fighter was a police officer
What is Mirko cro cop last name?
Birth name is Guillaum Ouedraogo
Who was crowned the First UFC lightweight champion
what season of the Ultimate Fighter did Matt hughes coach against Matt serra
MMA gym of Anderson Silva, Nogueira brothers, junior dos santos, lyoto machida

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