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Accoring to Jim, what do bears eat?
What is Pam's middle name?
What is Michael's character in Threat Level Midnight?
Bob Vance, Vance _________.
In Michael's game of Yankee Swap, who originally ended up with the teapot (before Pam took it from them)?
What day did Jim make Dwight think it was?
What does Dwight think Justin Bieber's name is?
What is Erin's first name?
What does the bumper sticker next to Dwight's desk say?
What celebrity does Michael share his birthday with?
How many bobbleheads does Dwight currently have on his desk?
'When Pam gets Michael's old ____, I get Pam's old ____. Then I'll have two ____s. Only one to go.
What does Dwight feel like part of what he is getting paid for is?
Michael Scott is a _____ first, a _____ second, and an _____ third.

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