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Can you name the facts to Rebecca Black's 'My Moment'?

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Forced Order
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Weren't you the one said that Black would be what?
Is Black about to prove you right or wrong?
What is the thing that not only Black believes in?
What one thing of hers is about to come true?
Who is Black not stopping for?
Where is Black's head while she is dreaming?
When dreaming, who is around to see?
This is Rebecca Black's what?
This is Black's time to what?
What did we know all along?
Black though she couldn't be who?
Would Black let you be her friend?
What did you say to Black when she refused?
As you were talking to her, who did you tell Black to trust in?
As she's trusting, who should she forget?
Who did Black say 'see you later' to?
What is Black doing now?
Why can't Black talk to you right now?

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