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Can you name the random things that I thought of based on these clues?

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Clue 1ThingClue 2
The number of thing you have to guess in this quiz.Hint: Try counting.
It's a type of graph.It's something you eat that can be made of chocolate or cereal.
It's something like pi, but not pi.Think about logarithms.
Mood you're in.Not having fun.
It's an animal.It's part of a computer.
Something that describes this quiz.It's a TV quiz show on BBC1.
It sounds like three.You can put -dom on the end of it and it'll still be a word.
It's a Sporcle category.What category is this quiz in?
The number of minutes you get to complete this quiz.The number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese calendar.
It's a football team.I'm NOT talking about American football.
It's a letter of the alphabet.It's not z.
It's used in txt talk.It's similar to lol.
Clue 1ThingClue 2
It's a fundermental partical.It's anti-matter.
Use the letters: D-O-GSpell a word.
It's a word.The word I chose is short.
It's a colour.It's not on the visible light spectrum.
It's a cliché.In Not Going Out, Lee is asked if he knows any more clichés, what does he say?
To get an answer on this quiz, you need a ____.Fill in the blank on clue 1.
It's a word I picked at random from the dictionary.Something 4.
It's meat.It's pointless stuff on the internet and e-mails.
What is 1+1?I'm using binary.
It's a country.It has the letter q in it's name.
Shift + =Spell out the symbol that you see.
It's a 5-digit Number.QI said something about it.

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