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QUIZ: Can you name the words below that begin with A from their definitions?

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An apparartus made of beads sliding on wires for facilitating arithmetical calculations
A celtic term for the mouth of a river
Physical, mental or moral power
A partaker in guilt
Anything that is done or preformed
The season including the four Sundays before Christmas
The science which deals with the forces exerted on gases in motion
One who transacts business on the behalf of another
The mixture of oxygen and nitrogen enveloping the Earth
A small island, normally in the middle of a lake
An intoxicating drink made from malt by fermentation
A narrow street or lane
The first letter of the Greek alphabet
The higher register of sounds
An instrument used for measuring the electric current in a circuit
The sign; &
A word or sentence formed by transposing the letters of another word or sentence
The joint by which the foot is united to the leg
Human skill or workmanship
The pin or bar on which a wheel revolves

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