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Number of letters in the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian)
In biology, if a cell divides itself in half every 30 minutes, you will have ?? cells in 2 hours.
Commodore ?? 8 bit home computer introduced in 1982
264 divided by 6
The number of years it takes Haleys Comet to return
Two little ducks
George Orwell wrote about 19??
A score and 3 then double it!
San Francisco's American Football team.
Get your kicks on Route ??
10 times 9
Treble 12 plus double 13
Sunset strip
Roman numeral is X
Maximum break in snooker minus 100
The answer to life,the Universe and everything
Numero Uno
??-Stay Alive!!
9 times 8
Australian unlucky number (in Cricket)
Treble 13 plus double 20
Princess Diana died in 19??
19?? The year the USA held its first Soccer World Cup.
The number of days subtracted from a year to give a period of human gestation
Unlucky number for most
Teenage song by Taylor Swift
The age Mahatma Gandhi lived to
Roman Numeral is V
The number of guns The Alarm sang about
Number of red balloons Nena had
The age Queen Victoria was when she died
The number of seconds in the last minute of 2008
A dozen
Heinz Varieties
10 x 10 -10 +1
Psalm used by U2 often to close a show
Number of dwarves
A Century
The number of days in June
Number of teams in the English Football leagues
Chemical number for Lead
100 minus 11
The date in October that is Halloween
Number between 1 and 4 on a dartboard
Number of NFL Teams not beginning with a vowel
(According to Guiness) The most ever entries in a pantomime costume 100 metre race
The Connells sang about this number along with another
China was admitted to the UN in 19??
Two fat ladies BINGO!!
Highest you can score in one dart
Windows operating system codenamed Memphis
19?? Song by James Blunt
Ocho,Huit,Acht,Otto however you say it its still ?
Ladies dancing in the 12 days of Christmas
3 nines
Paul Hardcastle song about the Vietnam war
3 score minus 1
Number of letters in the English Alphabet
Number of letters in the state capital of Texas
100 minus 46
Maximum number of golf clubs allowed in a bag during a round
Number of letters in the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Number of steps John Buchan wrote about
The age Marilyn Monroe died at
The year Micheal Jacksons Thriller video Premiered on MTV was 19??
A Pair
Sides on a square
Two score and 1
Windows operating system codenamed Chicago
Licor ?? the Spanish Smooth Temptation
Retirement age in the UK (For now)
Average number of teeth in a human mouth
19 x 2
Usa for Africa recorded We are the World in 19??
Atlanta held the Summer Olympics in 19??
The Manchester United Munich air crash was in 19??
Number of letters in the word Antidisestablishmentarianism
Number of cards in a deck-plus one
7 times 5
In this year AD St Peter was executed in Rome
4 Score
Two dozen
Number of players in a soccer team
Roman Numeral is LXX
Flight Number of one hijacked planes on 9/11
Wheels on a tricycle
Pontoon or Blackjack
The ?? st State Film starring Samuel L Jackson
A Score
The B??'s sang about a Love Shack
A quarter of a century
138.89 pounds is equal to ??Kg
Number between 2 and 3 on a dartboard
7 x 8
Hours Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy had
The other Connells number
The ?? Enigma
The speed a 7 inch vinyl single plays at? (RPM)
The Chemical Number for Thulium

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