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Controversial hip hop/rap group
Film starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts,home to a famous carnival.
American Country singer,married to Tim Mcgraw
Toothy guitarist with glam band Slade
Risque Comedian who used to be chased by scantily dressed angels.
Hororr film that started life as a video game on the quiet.
British football pundit known as The Chin
Celebrity British hairdresser
The first and best kids British TV School
One time Formula 1 World Champion
Who am I?Name
Judas Priest bass guitarist
British TV comic best known for his Burp
Fats Domino found his thrill there.
Two time Formula 1 World Champion
Ex Dallas Cowboys wide receiver,real name Leroy.
American Actor who played Frank in the Invention of Lying.
2009 MLB All star from The Toronto Blue Jays
Tasty Vietnam movie with no cheese
Princely British bookmaker
Miseducated American musician and actress

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