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Easy BitHarder Bit
Billy Joe Armstrong on vocals
Band who were at the fairground in 1995
Elvis may have worn these
One half of Tenacious D
Burn and Hush a strange kind of woman
Fruity U2 song from Zooropa
Jack and Meg
Coldplay upon a steep coloured slope
Donovan song from 1966
Were they Paranoid?...probably.
Hawkwind song from 1972
Expensive Spandau Ballet hit
The Godfather of Soul
Easy BitHarder Bit
Drummer with Claptons Cream
The Rolling Stones type of restaurant
Colour of the flamingo in Soft Cell's Say Hello Wave Goodbye
Lets stay together,but not with Tina Turner
Prince may have had a french hat this colour
Explosive song from The Runaways
Venomous band formed by David Coverdale
The Colour of Chris Isaaks Hotel maybe?
Johnny Cash's Special Blossom
2 Colours in one song from The stranglers
She will be loved by these LA Rockers
German Electronic Prog Rockers

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