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Can you name the Premiership footballers from the clues below?

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Australian marsupial (abbreviation) - Leg jointForward
Cathedral city in northern EnglandForward
Automobile - Piece of old cloth - Feminine of 'his'Defender
Boleyn, Frank or Hathaway - Large deer - 1st letter of the alphabetForward
Above - Planet of our solar systemForward
June to August period - Honeyloving insectMidfielder
Prickly bushDefender
Harry Potter's mate - abbreviation for Alex - a female deerForward
Negative response - Local Area NetworkMidfielder
Frankincense, gold and... - A chargeMidfielder
Alcoholic drink commonly consumed with tonic - Spanish for helloForward
Spanish for 'sun' - Spanish for 'anus'Midfielder
Beak - Irritation that needs to be scratchedDefender
Annoying bother - Side of a riverForward
The inner surface of the hand - To make a mistakeMidfielder (Defender)
Marine creature of various speciesDefender
Current style - 21st letter of alphabetForward
Rabbit home - Present tense of 'was' - uponForward
Increase in maturity or size - Simple musical instrument which goes 'ding' - What a dentist asks you to say when looking in your mouthGoalkeeper
Abbreviation for brother - To rest upon somethingForward
Farm buildingsMidfield
Fundamental body organ - Male childForward
A group of items used for the same task, perhaps for wearing during P.E. - The name we give our closest starForward
Masculine of 'her' - floppy eared rabbitGoalkeeper
To move steadily and continuouslyForward
Unable to hear - EnemyForward
Large Irish cityForward (Defender)
Southerly London Borough or northern part of BirminghamForward (Defender)
Festive red-breasted birdsForward
Room for storing foodMidfielder
Mate - Main character in Red DwarfDefender
Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - WithinForward
365 days - Constricting snakeForward
Hinged piece of wood covering the entrance to a room - the (often inflated) sense of your own worthDefender
Long haired sheepdog - A larger quantityForward
Household animal - To save from perilDefender

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