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Can you name the German Movie Award (Filmband in Gold / Lola) for Best (German) Motion Picture from 1951 - 2011?

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YearBest MovieDirector
1951Josef von Báky
1952Paul Verhoeven
1953Rudolf Jugert
1954Victor Vicas
1955Alfred Weidenmann
1957Helmut Käutner
1958Robert Siodmak
1959Franz Peter Wirth
1960Bernhard Wicki
1962Herbert Vesely
1963Will Tremper
1963Ladislao Vajda
1964Rudolf Jugert
1965Kurt Hoffmann
1966Volker Schlöndorff
1967Alexander Kluge
1968Johannes Schaaf
1969Alexander Kluge
1970Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1970Peter Lilienthal
1971Maximilian Schell
YearBest MovieDirector
1972Johannes Schaaf
1973Norbert Kückelmann
1974Maximilian Schell
1975Bernhard Sinkel
1976Peter Lilienthal
1977Helma Sanders-Brahms
1978Hans W. Geißendörfer
1979Volker Schlöndorff
1980Norbert Kückelmann
1981Adolf Winkelmann
1982Margarethe von Trotta
1983Wim Wenders
1984Werner Herzog
1985István Szabó
1986Margarethe von Trotta
1987Vérénice Rudolph
1988Wim Wenders
1989Hark Bohm
1990Uli Edel
1991Werner Schroeter
1992Helmut Dietl
YearBest MovieDirector
1993Sönke Wortmann
1994Peter Sehr
1995Sönke Wortmann
1996Romuald Karmakar
1997Helmut Dietl
1998Joseph Vilsmaier
1999Tom Tykwer
2000Oskar Roehler
2001Christian Petzold
2002Caroline Link
2003Wolfgang Becker
2004Fatih Akin
2005Dani Levy
2006Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
2007 Chris Kraus
2008Fatih Akin
2009Florian Gallenberger
2010Michael Haneke
2011Ralf Huettner

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