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QUIZ: Can you name the Death Note Characters by Picture?

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Forced Order
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Row, ColumnNameExtra Info
Row 1, Column 1The world's top-rated detective, has a fondness for cake
Row 1, Column 2One of the many Kiras, delete
Row 1, Column 3A caring Shinigami
Row 1, Column 4Member of Kira investigation team
Row 2, Column 1Sucessor of top-rated detective, emotional chocolate lover
Row 2, Column 2Shinigami whose Death Note was stolen
Row 2, Column 3Assistant to top-rated detective
Row 2, Column 4Announcer chosen to be Kira's voice to the world
Row, ColumnNameExtra Info
Row 3, Column 1Main character whose desire is to be the god of a just world
Row 3, Column 2Youngest member of Kira investigation team
Row 3, Column 3Main Shinigami, loves apples
Row 3, Column 4Main character's father, on the Kira investigation team
Row 4, Column 1Japanese model, in love with main character
Row 4, Column 2Dedicated member of the Kira investigation team
Row 4, Column 3Sucessor of top-rated detective, likes toys
Row 4, Column 4Third most talented from Wammy's orphanage

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