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Urban Dictionary DefintionCountry
Food comes in two different dishes, basically containing the same ingredients, curry and dirt.
The history of includes samurai, ninja, Mt. Fuji, anime, porn, bonsai trees, and geisha.
Wait, there's white people in Africa?
People from are most famous for wearing a suit and tie, a top hat and a monocle, along with a funny curly moustache and poorly looked-after teeth.
Greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls.
Built from a mixture of mud, mountains of LEGO bricks, beer and bacon by brave but insane Roman vikings at the beginning of Insomnian times.
A bunch of friendly, maple syrup eating, lumberjack, hockey zealots with beady eyes and flapping heads.
The boggy, green mound located a fair bit west of Japan and is renowned for its rolling drunks, being a former Soviet republic, green hills, and 364 days of rainfall each year
Shortly after the sighting of this new land, contacts were established with the mysterious, hugely moustached, Ducado smoking savages.
Situated in the Zhong garaxy and known for it's 4 trirrion person popuration, junky products that break and malfunction the next day, and vast amounts of animar rovers.
Urban Dictionary DefintionCountry
53rd state of USA located a few rowboat turns off the coast of Florida.
Commonly known for being that rampant world of corruption and repression. It is bordered on the north by good ol' Ameriker.
Overrun with sweating, smelly, shouting merchants and sneak thieves with snaggly brown teeth who think that because their ancestors built the pyramids.
The crime for treason (or putting your plastic in with your cardboard) is punishable by Deportation to France.
A large mass of snow and ice found at the bottom of the Earth.
Commonly misspelled as 'hell', 'slaughterhouse', and 'rosin', a huge piece of supposedly Asian land, where barbarians called reside.
Led by grorious Kim Jong-Il who is the Creator of the World and Savior of the Human Race
Either a European country discovered by C.S. Lewis in 1936, or an elaborate ruse invented by Lewis to keep children out of his wardrobe.
A cahntry ewned, rool'd and entoireleh saboadinit to an 84 yeah aewld woman, Quaine 'Lizzeh of Britainlayend.
An international corporation with a growing budget problem. It is also the second country, after China, which the rest of the world spins.

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