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Forced Order
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Keeps a diary, best friends with Bonnie and Caroline, dated Stefan and Damon
Vampire, turned in 1864, has an older brother, best friends with Lexi Branson
Vampire, turned in 1864, eldest brother, known as a soulless person
Becomes a werewolf after accidentally killing Sarah
Blond, Vampire - turned by Katherine, dated Tyler and Matt
Witch, best friends with Elena and Caroline,
Littlebrother, hunter, loves Bonnie, died 5 times
Original, almost immortal, loves Caroline, has a daughter
The honourable one, Original, nice hair, protective
The littlesister, Original, loves to easy, 'dated' Stefan more than once
Original, on a suicide mission, loves Sage
Original, befriends Jeremy, killed by Jeremy
THE BEST FRIEND, killed by Damon, badass
Sheriff, protecting vampire, has a vampire daugther
Vampire Bitch, awesome, turned Caroline + Stefan + Damon... Has a daugther
The daughter, traveler, looking for her long lost mother
Innocent humanbeing, always getting killed or hurt
His sister, first vampire turned on screen, died a few episodes later, dated Jeremy
Jeremy´s ex, vampire, Pearls daugther
Anna´s mother, loved Jonathan, were friends with Emily + Katherine
The Gilberts journals writer, killed by Stefan
Witch, Bonnie´s ancestor, Katherine´s friend
Immortal, Vampire Witch - he´s special
Crazy ex-fiancée, witch, Saves/Captures Stefan
Elena´s ancestor, the girl that stole Silas from Tessa
Twin, witch, dated Tyler, died at her sister wedding
Twin, witch, died during a Merge - trying to safe his sister
Eldest sister, pregnant, marrying Alaric, dead.
Sexy mass murderer, witch, once trapped in a prison world with Damon and Bonnie
Damon´s Augustine Vampire friend
Elena and Jeremy´s aunt, killed by Klaus
Jenna´s ex, guardian, Jo´s fiancé
The Salvatore mother, 'died' when Stefan and Damon were little
Original witch, Mother Mikaelson
Father Mikaelson, Vampire eating Vampires
Esther and Mikael´s youngest son, killed by a werewolf in the 10th century
Elena´s biological father, gives his life to save Elena
Elena´s biological mother, Alaric´s ex
Jeremy´s biological mother, died in a car accident
Jeremy´s biological father, died in a car accident
Dr. Augustine, teacher at Whitmore College
Student at Whitmore College, Elena´s friend
Caroline´s crush, study body, dead
Stefan and Damon´s distant parternal half-niece, photograph
Grams, Bonnie´s grandmother, witch
Bonnie´s mother, vampire
Bonnie´s father, killed by Silas, mayor.
Killed his own sons, and later killed by one of his son
Damon´s ex, news woman, killed by Stefan
Traveler, possesses Matt, kills Stefan

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