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'A well known broomstick designer! Look him up!'
Fudge's direct predecessor as Minister of Magic
Choked on a bit of cold pheasant
Girl who went spelunking with Tom Riddle
Boy who went spelunking with Tom Riddle
Interviewed Rita Skeeter ahead of publication of Dumbledore's biography
Borgin's business partner
Mother to Ellie, Maisie, and Alfred
Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Prophet
Head juggling ghost
Celebrated Healer (1722-41) and Hogwarts headmistress (1741-68)
Went to the Five Feathers in Barnsley to see Budgy the waterskiing budgie
'We only ever found bits of him.'
Proprietor of Honeyduke's Sweet Shop
Ice cream-selling expert on medieval witch burnings
The Standard Book of Spells (Grades 1-7)
Beater for the Holyhead Harpies
Beaten to the Snitch by Viktor Krum
Administered OWL's and NEWT's; Resigned from Wizengamot
'Going to be any more showers of owls tonight, ________?'
'Her nose is off-center.'
'...A stroll down ___________'s memory lane.'
Resigned from Wizengamot in protest of Dumbledore's treatment
Obliviator introduced to the Weasleys at their World Cup campsite
Probity Probed at Gringotts, according to Bill
'A scrawny boy with a face like a rat.'
Bet Ludo that Bulgaria would score first
'Them Azkaban guards give me the collywobbles.'; Bad driver.
Trainee Healer interested in inane Muggle remedies like stitches
Picked his chicken pox scabs
Bet 'half shares in her eel farm on a week-long match.'
Eavesdropped on Dumbledore's Army in the Hog's Head

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