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Pulp is symptom free and normally responds to pulp testing
Pulp shows sharp or deep dull gnawing pain, spontaneous Referred pain or a past history of pain. Extreme lingering thermal pain
Diffuse radio-opaque lesion from a localized bony reaction to low grade inflammation at the apex of a tooth
No signs and symptoms with no periapical change, lamina dura is intact and PDL is uniform
Painful response to biting &/or percussion or palpation may have an apical radiolucency
Pulp has shap pain with a normal response to pulp testing
No clinical symptoms with an apical radiolucency
Rapid onset, spontaneous pain, tenderness of tooth to pressure, pus formation, SWELLING in associated tissues
A tooth that has had a pulpectomy or pulpotomy with no symptoms and can or cannot have pain
NO response to pain and no response to pulp testing no dental treatment recently
A tooth that has been endo treated with no symptoms and no response to pulp testing
Gradual onset, no discomfort, intermittent discharge of pus through a SINUS TRACT
No current pain, may have a past history of pain with a normal response to pulp testing. Usually produced by caries, caries excavation or trauma

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