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QUIZ: Can you name the Foramina of the skull and structures?

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Foramen Cecum
Greater palatine foramen
Lesser Palatine Foramen
Incisive canal
Supraorbital foramen
Infraorbital foramen
Foramina of Cribiform Plate
Optic canal
Superior orbital fissure
Inferior orbital fissure
Foramen rotundum
Foramen ovale
Foramen spinosum
Petrotympanic fissure
Foramen lacerum
Internal acoustic meatus
Stylomastoid foramen
Jugular foramen
Foramen magnum
Mandibular foramen
Mental foramen
Hypoglossal canal
Pterygomaxillary fissure
Alveolar foramen
Palatovaginal Canal
Pterygoid canal
Carotid canal
Tympanic canaliculus
Mastoid canaliculus

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