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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you name all legendary pokemons??

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Legendary Bird, Fire Type
Legendary Bird, Ice Type
Legendary Bird, Electric Type
Physic Type, Clone
Physic Type, Clone
Legendary Beast, Fire Type
Legendary Beast, Ice Type
Legendary Beast, Electric Type
Dream Bird
White Flying Beast
Flying Tiny Pokemon, Grass Type
Weather Trio, Water Type
Weather Trio, Ground Type
Weather Trio, Dragon Type
The Regi Trio, Ice Type
The Regi Trio, Steel Type
The Regi Trio, Rock Type
Flying Beast, Red Colored
Flying Beast, Blue Colored
The Destiny
Flying Tiny Pokemon, Electric Type
The Lake Trio, Water Type
The Lake Trio, Fire Type
The Lake Trio, Electric Type
Controller of Time
Controller of Space
Controller of Reverse World
The Lunar Duo, Light Type
The Lunar Duo, Dark Type
The Fire Frog
Three Regis in one
Creator of Pokemons
Blue Dwarf Duo
Blue Dwarf Duo
Grass Dwarf Pokemon
The Energy Trio, Dark Type
The Energy Trio, Rock Type
The Energy Trio, Light Type
The Kami Trio, Grass Type
The Kami Trio, Ground Type
The Kami Trio, Electric Type
The Musketeers Trio, Water Type
The Musketeers Trio, Ground Type
The Musketeers Trio, Grass Type
Robotic Kabutops (sorry for that xD)
The Musketeers Trio's fourth member
Flying Tiny Pokemon, Fire Type
Flying Tiny Pokemon, Grass Type
Mortality Duo, Water Type
Mortality Duo, Fire Type
Aura Breaker
Sun Eater Beast
Moon Caller
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