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Can you name the World War I (WWI)?

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What year did WWI begin?
What is a zeppelin?
Define a trench warfare
Define war of attrition
which two countries were joined by Bulgaria?
what countries were called allies?
What is a total war?
What battle did Russia defeat Germany in?
When was the Battle of Tanenberg?
What country betrayed Germany?
Define planned economics
What is militarism?
What is nationalism?
What is brinkmanship?
Define conscription
Define mobilization
About how many men were in the British, Italian , and Austro-Hungarian armies?
By 1914 what was important to European states?
Who was the general of german army?
Where did the austrians defeat the russians?
what country was thrown out of war
what year did the airplane show up on the battle field for the first time?
what is mustard gas?
who is lawrence arabia?
whatndid he do?

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