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HintGod, Person, Thing
Goddess of the Hearth
Deity of Sun
Father of Sun, Moon, and Dawn
Goddess of the Rainbow
God of the lame
Roman equivalent of Cupid
Goddess of discord
Who was Persephone's grandmother?
God of the Underworld
Last of the 12 Olympians
Constructed the labyrinth
Goddess of knowledge
Who was Athena's mother?
What area did the sea god and the goddess of wisdom quarrel over?
Roman equivalent of Juno
Juno's sacred bird
Who killed Argus?
Twin of Apollo
Nymph turned into a laurel
Goddess of love
Mother of Pegasis
Offered to kracken
Vain queen
Half-human; half-goat
Half-human; half-horse
Titan of Time
Where oracle resided
Goddess of soul
Gave humans fire
Where Odysseus was from
Odysseus' wife
Golden ________ began Trojan war
Arachne was skilled in ________
HintGod, Person, Thing
Known for having the ears of an ass
Granted king the golden touch
Deity of the moon
Deity of dawn
Goddess of the night
God of sleep
God of dreams
12 Labors
Medusa's head covered in ______
Guarded the Underworld
Persephone ate 6 _________ _____ in the Underworld
Persephone's absense caused the ______
Goddess of agriculture
Zeus' sacred bird
Goddess of youth
Killed his father and married his mother
Goddess of snow
Father of Typhon
Spouse of Typhon
How many children did Niobe have?
Who was Artemis/Apollo's mother?
God of healing; son of Apollo
Goddess of Witchcraft
God of nature
Nymphs of the mountain
Nymphs of the winds
Titaness of memory
Holds the earth
Father of all monsters
Bountiful sea
Titan of intelligence
Hundred-handed ones
Titan of the ocean
HintGod, Person, Thing
Titaness of the ocean
Ancient sea-god
Titan of constellations
Travel; Merchants; Thieves
Muse of history
Muse of astronomy
Muse of tragedy
Muse of comedy
Muse of dance
Muse of epic poetry
Muse of erotic poetry
Muse of songs to the gods
Muse of lyric poetry
Goddess of retribution
Goddess of victory
Wife of Poseidon
Trumpeter of the Sea
Keeper of the winds
Goddess of childbirth
Goddess of fortune
Hero of the Trojan war
River in the Underworld
Sea Monstress
Demons who served Hecate; similar to vampires
Body of a red lion, tail of a dragon, and a head of a human with 3 rows of shark-like teeth
The cold northern wind
Male lover of Apollo
Vain man

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