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Can you name the Greek Mythological Monsters (HARD)?

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Demons who served Hecate
Enormous whirlpool
Sea monstress with 6 vicious dogs at her waist
Hundred headed sea monster
Head covered in snakes
Three heads
Head of woman on a winged lion's body
Lioness with a tail ending in a snake, goat head sprouting from back
Body of a red lion, tail of dragon, head of human
Five heads, two grow back for one severed
Golden, impenetrable fur
Mother of all mosnters
Father of all monsters
Serpent with a head at each end of its' body
Killed by Atalanta
Killed by Theseus
Bull which stood on two feet
Earth-dragon of Delphi
Guarded the Golden Fleece
Body of a lion, head and wings of eagle
Horse of sea
Front-half of a horse, back-half of a rooster
Upper body of a man, lower front of a horse, tail of a fish
Part bull and part serpent
Born of gorgon's blood
Winged thieves of Thrace

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