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Can you name the top 25 countries in external debt?

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Baseball is known as this country's pastime
At one point, this nation controlled almost a quarter of the world
Known for croissants and Napoleon Bonaparte
Divided in 1945, reunited in 1990.
Former colony of Spain
Most populous country in the world
Only country with an emperor
5th most visited country in the world
Broke off from England in 1949
This country;s residents are the tallest in the world
On the Iberian Peninsula
Known as a largely neutral country
Over a million Englishmen live here
Most of this country's residents live near the border
Beat the USA in the 2014 World Cup
This is the only non-country on this list.
Known as the birthplace of Ikea
Overtaken by Germany during World War 2(1938)
Was ruled by Vidkun Quisling during World War II
Controlled by President Vladimir Putin
Number of the Stars was set in this country.
Owned Angola and Mozambique
This country has over 700 recognized languages
Largest Catholic country in the world
Separated from its northern counterpart in 1948

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