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Repitition of a word of phrase at the end of a sentence, clause, or phrase
When you start and with the same line, set of lines, or idea in a story
Repitition of a word or phrase at the end of one sentence,clause, or phrase and at the beginning of the next one
Repitition of a word or phrase at the beginning and end of one sentence, clause or phrase
Putting contrasting words, ideas or phrases together
Repitition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a sentence, clause, or phrase
Leaving out filler words that carry less meaning in a sentence or phrase
Phrases starting with -ing or -ed that tag onto senteces to concisely add detail
Repitition of an exact phrase in the same relative place or repitition of the same grammatical structure
Level of language used in a story
Using an object to represent an idea or concept
Word or phrase set off by commas that acts as an adjective giving information about a preceding noun

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