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Lisa: 'No one's pinching his _____!'
Lenny: 'We kicked down the front door, but there was a _____ ____'
Kent (O')Brockman: '...today everyone is a little bit Irish, except, of course, for the ____ and the ________'
Kent (O')Brockman: 'All this drinking, violence, destruction of property. Are these the things we think of when we think of the _____?'
Homer: 'Oh, honey, you're not the world's worst mother. What about that _______ ____ __ _______?'
Homer: 'Prohibition. Ha! They tried that in the ______ and it didn't work!'
Why was Chief Wiggum upset when Rex Banner knocked over his TV and kicked him out of his chair?
Who are the two people Homer specifically instructs Bart not to tell their hidden beer cache?
Why did Chief Wiggum sell the trigger of his gun and most of the handle?
What dessert did Rex Banner get for his birthday?
What title does Moe's claim in its reincarnation as a pet shop/speakeasy?
What did Homer's new hat seem to say to Rex Banner?
What two substitutes does Homer first offer Moe when he runs out of beer?
What does Rex Banner call comic book guy?
What did Homer have for dinner that supposedly gave him explosive gas?
Baby turtles and alligators seem like a good idea for a pet. Why are they not?
Chief Wiggum, once reminded of who Rex Banner is, tells Homer that he hates him more than what?
How long does it take Fat Tony to flood the town with alcohol after prohibition is lifted?
In addition to the law passed prohibiting alcohol, another law was passed requiring ducks to wear what?
What is the cause of and the solution to all of life's problems?

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