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Description / FigureCorresponding Figure or TheoryExtra Info
This concept is crucial to Aristotle's formulation of virtuous characteristics (courage, for instance) and Siddhartha's/Buddha's recognition of how to live (analogous to the sitar)
This concept says that in designing a society, if you do not know what your role will be, the society you design will be an extremely fair one.
This theory is based on Dukkha or suffering/dis-ease.
These two theories both involve the individual displaying admirable qualities in order be the best person they can be.
Deprivation of physical enjoyment to achieve happiness
The well-lived life involves learning to do something so well that you no longer need to think about it.
This Chinese philosophy fell out of favor in the twentieth century; it was perceived as feudal and responsible for weakening China in relation to European powers.
John Stuart Mill
Pursuit of physical, 'earthly' happiness to find fulfillment
Suffering; the cause of suffering; the end of suffering (cure); the 8-fold path (the prescription)
The four noble truths are crucial to:
Jeremy Bentham
'Life is nasty, brutish and short.' --_______
One should always maximize happiness and minimize pain.
This philosopher identifies a QUALITATIVE difference between higher and lower pleasures
This theory says that an end to suffering lies in changing one's perception.
Translate 'dao.'
This philosopher is known for his 'original position' thought experiment and the notion of the 'veil of ignorance'
This theory emphasizes relations between individuals rather than universal laws.

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