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Weighing the harm done by the Milgram experiment against the scientific progress made is example of what ethical theory?
The scientific approach to truth demands evidence and experimentation.
'Correlation does not mean ___________'
Donated boatloads of money to University College London on one condition: his preserved corpse be present at every college council meeting.
X seems to cause Y. Upon investigation, it becomes clear that there is a middle step in the causal chain which we will call Z. Z is known as the ________.
DESCRIPTIVE theory asserting that all human action is motivated by self-interest
Paradox that says that the pursuit of happiness decreases the likelihood of actually attaining happiness
A more flexible form of another ethical theory, it says that selfless acts are right in certain cases, most notably emergencies and when reciprocation can be expected.
Scottish philosopher who claimed that compassion/benevolence holds society together; the extent to which we lack these is the extent to which we will be unhappy
The theory of human behavior brought into question by the story of the shepherd Gyges and his found ring
Ethical (normative) theory claiming that each person must put the interests of others before his/her own interests
Intensity, Duration, Certainty, Nearness, Fecundity, Purity, Extent; in calculating these to make a decision, you would utilize Bentham's __________ _________
GHGN - Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number
Ethical (normative) theory claiming that one is only responsible for meeting his or her own needs

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