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Maintaining a stable internal enviroment despite a changing external enviroment
Any change in the enviroment that causes a response
The mechanism that brings about a reversal in any change in conditions
An organism that relies on external enviroment to maintain its own body temperature
Ring of smooth muscle in the arteriole end of cappillaries that contracts in vasoconstriction
Loss of polarisation across a membrane in a neurone
What lipid based layer can insulate an axon
The neurotransmitter in a cholinergic synapse
The endocrine tissue in the pancreas
The cell that secretes insulin
The cells that secreate glucagon
A substance found in pancreatic juice
The cells that make up 2/3 of the liver
The name given to muscle tissue that can initiate its own contractions
The part of the brain that contains the cardiovascular centre controlling the heart
The patch of tissue in the heart that controlls excitation waves

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