Autonomic drugs

ANS drugs challengeee

Bethanechol stimulates ... contraction
Use for smoking cessation
Natural alkaloid used in glaucoma (eye drop)
Indication of Carbachol(eye drop)
AChEI for Myasthenia grevis Dx+- Neostigmine
Myasthenia grevis and reverse effect of non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drug
Antidote for organophosphate / carbamate poisoning
Prevent motion sickness
Indication of Tropicamide+- cyclopegia (ciliary muscle paralysis)
Name antimuscarinic bronchodilator
Benztropine can improve dystonia in ... disease
Name depolarizing neuromuscular blocker drug
Hydrolyze phosphorylated cholinesterase
Botulinum toxin A reduces wrinkle by inhibit ...'กระบวนการ'
1st choice for anaphylaxis
Potent vasoconstrictor
Positive inotropic effect with muscular artery vasodilation
What receptor Salbuterol binds to?
Myometrial relaxants use in premature uterine contraction
Adverse effects of Phenylephrine (selective alpha-1 agonists)
Indication of Tamsulosin
What receptor Prazosin binds to?
Use in hyperthyroidism
Beta blockers ... renin secretiondecrease / increase
Beta blockers ... glycogenolysisdecrease / increase
Adverse effects of beta blocker on airway
Name beta blocker with alpha-1 blocking activity
Interaction between ... and MAO-A inhibitor can cause hypertensive emergency
NET substrate, block normal NE reuptake
Name MAO-A inhibitor

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