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Can you name the Unscramble these characters Final fantasy VII,VIII and X?

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ouldc sfetriFinal fantasy VII
resia niabroughosFinal fantasy VII
fiat reathkcloFinal fantasy VII
terarb wllecaaFinal fantasy VII
Dre IXIIFinal fantasy VII
dic NiwhihdgFinal fantasy VII
irothpeshFinal fantasy VII
fiefuy ArigasikFinal fantasy VII
iatc hitsFinal fantasy VII
nivnect lavenentiFinal fantasy VII
lquals honeraltFinal fantasy VIII
nagual rioelFinal fantasy VIII
resfie lasaymFinal fantasy VIII
rnoia lltiyhaerFinal fantasy VIII
sistqui peretFinal fantasy VIII
lpihese militttFinal fantasy VIII
lelz ntihcdFinal fantasy VIII
ernvii seankinFinal fantasy VIII
diustFinal fantasy X
rounaFinal fantasy X
kkawaFinal fantasy X
nayuFinal fantasy X
uullFinal fantasy X
kkuirFinal fantasy X
rhamiki orsonFinal fantasy X
aacturcFinal fantasy x

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